Portola Coffee Lab

The Portola Coffee Lab has been a long time hang out spot for coffee connoisseurs throughout Southern California, including us! Portola Coffee Lab is located in the Oc Mix – a collection of boutiques and restaurants, a retail space claimed as a “vibrant gathering of like-minded vendors who will thrive on synergy.” The Oc Mix is built with floor to ceiling windows, flooding the space with dreamy sunlight pouring in. When you walk in, you are immediately hit with the rich smell of coffee. The baristas are dressed in white lab coats and greet you with a genuine smile. I personally love cappuccinos, and was blown away by the flavors in their coffee. Even more than the taste, I fell in love with their business practices…

coffee-portola coffee lab-costa mesa-orange county-california

The carefully selected coffee beans are sourced from the far stretches of Africa, South America and Central America each year. According to the baristas, the roasting and preparation of Portola Coffee Lab is very meticulous. Their coffee is brewed using what is called a Revelation Roaster. This machine is said to produce 1/3 of the pollutants of other roasters and uses 1/3 of the energy of other roasters. To reduce it’s operational demand, the machine recirculates the exhaust air back into itself, resulting in an efficient roaster that produces no smoke, consumes very little gas and leaves the coffee free of oxidation.

We have to say, the results are nothing short of delicious, making the Portola Coffee Lab a destination for coffee lovers everywhere. Currently they have four locations – Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Tustin and Orange. We look forward to popping into the other three in the future for our morning cup of Joe!

What is your favorite coffee shop? What makes it so great?

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  • Karen

    July 22, 2015 at 6:57 pm Reply

    The coffee sounds like a dream. I wonder if it’ll catch on in UK. In the meantime,I’ll have to stick to Nero and Costa.

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