Our 1976 Vintage Airstream Renovation Journey | The Beginning

So umm….you know how it seems everyone is the universe is getting married right now? (At least to us it does since we are wedding photographers.) Well, we skipped that step for now and bought a home…and we can finally talk about it!! As some of you might not know, we’ve been searching for a home for the last two years together. For some reason or another, we just couldn’t find one we liked or could afford here in California. After weighing all our options here in California, we both considered moving to Austin, Texas because, it is totally our type of place – good food, good people, good music. But after spending a week there exploring, and a change of perspective, we decided what we really wanted was the ability to travel. Anywhere. And everywhere.

So without further ado…we introduce to you…our 1976 Land Yacht Sovereign Airstream, “The Nomad.” It may be in rough shape right now, but it won’t be for long! We’re planning to sell everything we own (well almost everything) and move into it by the beginning of February next year. We’re so excited to embark on this new adventure, and hope you will continue to follow along with us as we share more updates of our progress here on the blog and Youtube.

1976 Land Yacht Sovereign Airstream in Orange County, California.

This Airstream has such a unique history to it. It was originally owned by a guy that had it custom built to have maximum head height inside. Then, he sold it to the parents of the man, Mark, we bought it from. Mark shared his fond sentimental memories with us of camping in it with his family all over the United States. After watching the Airstream sit untouched for more than ten years, his good friend Frank Petragon convinced him to put it up for sale.

We are so happy he did because we are now proud to call this 31ft of space, our new home! You can click here to see a full walk through of the interior before we begin renovating.

Happy Exploring!


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  • jane

    July 30, 2015 at 9:42 pm Reply

    how great to own an airstream. looking forward to updates on your prgress.

  • Nicci

    July 31, 2015 at 12:30 pm Reply

    Ooh, nice one. A life on the road. Looking forward to following your journey.

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