A Little Bit Of Romance On A Tuesday Morning

A few days ago, Josh walked into the house and placed a giant bouquet of roses on the counter. Totally surprised, I jumped up in his arms and gave him a huge kiss as he spun me around in the kitchen. I love roses! Totally cheesy, I know, but there is something so romantic about them! The way they smell, like sweet perfume misted in the air as you breath them in, is heavenly to me.

A Little Bit Of Romance On A Tuesday Morning

Not more than a few months ago, his Red Convertible 1991 GT Mustang was totaled in an accident.

Luckily, we were both ok.

I looked at him confused, how on Earth could he possibly have gotten them home?

He admitted that he had stuffed them into his motorcycle jacket and rode carefully home with them on his Ninja ZX6R.

He’s my hero. He seriously is. That is the most romantic thing a girl could ever ask for.

I jumped up and gave him even more kisses.

A Little Bit Of Romance On A Tuesday Morning

Not only did he bring me my favorite flowers on a random Tuesday, but against all odds, he figured out a way to get them to me. That’s romantic.

Or at least my kind of romantic. And that’s Josh, my Prince Charming.

Despite all that we have been through, good and the bad, he still knows how to make my heart skip and beat with a little bit of romance.

Which got me thinking of ways that I could say I love you back. Sure, I could simply say I love you, but I want to reciprocate the surprise he gave me.

What are some ways that you surprise your lover?

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